Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge for Quilting?

  • A large to medium overall meandering, also called stippling, costs .015 cent per square inch. To calculate the cost, multiply the length X width, then multiply that number by .015.
    For example, a 65” x 70” quilt, will cost $68.25 for edge to edge overall meandering.
  • Pantographs, which are overall designs that go from edge to edge, start at .015 cents per square inch. The cost is based on complexity and density of quilting of the design.
    I will be posting the selection of pantographs that I currently have on hand. If you would like a pattern I do not carry, I will purchase it at no extra cost to you.
  • Custom work starts at .025 cents per square inch.
    This typically involves templates and two different freehand designs in the quilt. Each project is evaluated individually and an estimate provided before work begins.


I am required to charge Idaho sales tax of 6% for in-state residents.

Do You Have a Minimum Charge?

  • Yes, there is a $45 minimum charge for quilting.

Do You Have a Thread Charge?

  • A $5 thread charge is added to the cost of quilting for projects over the minimum charge of $45. 

    This includes your choice of a high quality variegated thread on the top of the quilt, and a solid color of thread on the back of the quilt.

What is Your Turn Around Time?

When you can get your quilt back depends on several factors, such as:

  • If there are other quilts ahead of yours
  • What type of quilting you are looking for
  • Do I have the thread on hand
  • Do I have the batting on hand

I will be able to tell you an approximate time frame after we discuss your project.

What Kind of Batting Do You Sell?

  • I carry Winline bamboo, Warm & Natural 100% cotton, all of the Quilters Dream line and all of the new Pellon Legacy batting.  This includes wool, cotton/poly, cotton and bamboo/cotton. Contact me for details on size and price.

Do You Have Quilts Available for Inspection?

  • Yes, I have quilts on site that you can actually touch and look at. You are also welcome to visit the Quilt Gallery.

Do You Quilt Full Time?

  • I quilt after work and on weekends.


Do You Smoke or Have Pets?

  • I do not smoke and my home is smoke-free.
  • I have two Shih Tzu dogs who are promoted as allergy free. My husband has asthma and allergies and lives with them comfortably.

Do You Offer Binding Services?

Yes, I will bind your quilt with cross cut binding and mitered corners. I do not offer services for curved bindings.

Customers will need to provide the fabric in sufficient quantities for all binding services, and should include an extra 8-10 inches beyond the perimeter measurement.

Make the binding from the supplied fabric, machine sew customer supplied binding to front of quilt, hand stitch down to back: .25 cents
Machine sew customer supplied binding to front of quilt, hand stitch down to back: .20 cents
Machine sew customer supplied binding to front of quilt only (customer completes binding): .15 cents

Prices listed should be multiplied by the perimeter measurement of the quilt. For example, a 65″ x 70″ quilt has a perimeter total of 270″.

Perimeter total: 270″


Binding charge: .25

Sub Total: $67.50

6% Sales Tax: $ 4.05

Final Binding Charge: $71.55


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